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We believe that love feels so much better than winning.

At TRU LUV we imagine being friends with our technology. We work with artists, witches, psychologists, and game designers to bring life to AI companions. Our companions are modelled on our most nourishing and deepest friendships.

Our first experimental companion, #SelfCare, was one of Apple's Best of 2018. TRU LUV was founded by Brie Code, former AI lead at Ubisoft, and is advised by Tom Gruber, humanistic AI thought leader and co-creator of Siri. 


We love our AI companions.

Our companions are not personal assistants, therapists, apps, nor games, but a revolutionary new category of human-computer interaction built with and for love and co-creation. 

Bringing together art, spirituality, social neuroscience, adult developmental psychology, game design, and AI, we design for feelings of refuge, resilience, and lasting transformation. 

Our model is a fresh alternative to the gamification model and has deep implications. 

TRU LUV is a diverse, conscious, and deliberately developmental organization.

We've asked ourselves: What is AI designed by artists and witches? We very much value diversity and equity as a central source of our success and we welcome and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply. 

Do I need to meet all criteria to apply?

Definitely not! If you share our dreams of more nourishing technology and our energies of celebration, curiosity, love, intention and care we’d love to connect and see what is possible! 


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Our Most Valued Energies

We celebrate group intelligence. We value creating group flow together. We playfully delight in our shared goals and priorities. We take time throughout our process to notice what has been heartwarming and expansive.
We are experimental and ambitious. We seek with fresh eyes and open hearts. We bring our deep unconscious knowings into our consciousness by examining our biases and nourishing our intuitions.
We love to love. We actively tend to ourselves, our company, our product and our audience with love. We practice self-love as we each live in our genius. We say "yes, and" as we co-create with kindness and authenticity.
We design with intention. We work with vision. We design from our hearts in service to our audience's hearts. We weave together transdisciplinary frameworks, letting go of what no longer serves us while expanding upon what does.
We choose over and over to care. We're ambitious, mission-aligned, and impact-driven. We use data differently and we are careful about unintended consequences. We persevere in realizing our shared purpose and impact at scale.

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