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Would you like to explore your heart with us?

We achieve revolutionary impact through amplified compassion

Do I need to meet all criteria to apply?

We care

We work with five energies

  • Celebration

    🌟🌱 We playfully delight in our protopian vision. 💌 🌸 We take time to notice what has been heartwarming and beautiful. 🌀 We celebrate collective mission and collective resonance.

  • Curiosity

    🧶 We are experimental and ambitious. 🃏 💐 We seek and create with fresh eyes and open hearts. 🐍 🦉 We transmute our biases and nourish our intuitions.

  • Love

    💗 We love to love. 💞 🍄 🐞 We tend to each other, our products and our audience with love and kindness. ⚡️ 🌈 We take responsibility as we co-create towards justice.

  • Intention

    🌺 We design from our hearts with intention. 🕯 We let go of what no longer works while expanding upon what does. 🧦 🌳 We weave together diverse perspectives in contribution to our mission.

  • Care

    🦋❤️‍🔥 We are honest, courageous and careful of unintended consequences. 🌵 We choose over and over to care. We seek to create benefit at scale. 🌬 We find inspiration and energy in our shared purpose.


  • Another reality is possible.

  • Vulnerability is a strength.

  • We take care of ourselves so that we show up courageously.

  • I see dissonance as an opportunity for adjustment, reframing, or attuning to my wants/needs/dreams.

  • I evolve processes/habits/identities that no longer align with my values.

  • I have the encouragement and space for me to grow as a person both in and outside of work.

  • We humanize others.

  • I trust my team members.

  • We manage our energies.

  • I've learned to come from a place of care and interest rather than fear, money, fame or power.

  • The amount of energy and interest I have for each day still astounds me.

  • My team members have their own backs as well as mine.

  • Even outside work our practices carry immense power, deepening existing relationship and starting new ones with great potential.

  • Experiencing collective flow is powerful and delicious.