AI Programmer

AI Programmer

Our AI programmers expand upon on a solid foundation of game AI research, algorithms and systems architecture to research and implement transformative experiences for our audience.
  • Level: Senior
  • Based in Toronto, Canada
  • Open to applicants in ET time zone only, with intention to relocate as possible
  • Full time

Our company is part of a transformative ecosystem rooted in plurality and equity.  

We know our success emerges from these values. TRU LUV is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.  


Definitely not. If you share our mission of healing our relationship with technology and our energies of celebration, curiosity, love, intention, and care we’d love to meet you and discover what is possible. 


At TRU LUV, we dream of living in mutual symbiosis with the internet, while feeling good about ourselves, each other, and technology as one natural system 

In our work, we are healing our relationship with technology. We make rituals – an entirely new model for technology that draws on the neuroscience of love and transformation to reflect and amplify resilience, compassion and co-creation to transform ourselves, our collectives, and interactive technology. Our model is a refreshing transmutation of the gamification model that reflect and amplified reactivity and dominance.  


As an AI programmer at TRU LUV, you will own the development of several AI systems to support our commitment to delivering an AI for transformation and greater wellbeing. Expanding upon a solid foundation of game AI research, algorithms and systems architecture, you will research and implement transformative experiences for our audience. You will drive all features, frameworks and processes you own through co-creation and impact optimization to create impact to our audience’s transformationsinviting them into increased awareness, resilience, compassion, and co-creative ability.  


You will work with our head of engineering, product lead, and designers to define and document your own vision, mission, commitments, methods, and results for your features. You will work with the engineering vertical team and the product horizontal team in a two-dimensional reporting structure to ensure your commitments are met in each cycle and each quarter. You’ll organize co-creation with your collaborators such as AI designer Brie Code, game designer Jane McGonigal, and AI designer and co-creator of Siri Tom Gruber.  


You will work across multiple projects on our underlying AI engine, from our experimental app #SelfCare (over 4m downloads with no advertising) to our currently undisclosed projects in AR and social media 


This role is an opportunity to become a subject matter expert in a new paradigm for tech companies and interactivity. Would you like to explore your consciousness and collective consciousness with us?



  • Each development cyclebringing 1-3 insights from the previous cycle to benefit our team direction 
  • Each development cycle, for each area of your ownership, revisiting what gaps you’ve identified, what new support you need, which stakeholders you need such support from, and what support you can let go of 
  • Making key decisions on our AI architecture with our head of engineering 
  • Driving your ownership forward using our co-creative process, identifying your stakeholders and benchmarks, inviting all relevant stakeholders into requirements analysis, and delegating or doing the work as required, committing to a result you choose to directly support our mission 
  • Exploring possibilities with our team of designers, illustrators and writers to implement and/or integrate their work into our systems and iterate with them on their designs in a series of rapid prototypes tested with audience members 
  • Considering consent and transparency in your systems as we define new paradigms for interactivity, qualitative and quantitative data collection, and business model 
  • Designing from a perspective of creating super stimuli for higher states of consciousness rather than simulation 
  • Considering meaning and designing intentional tuning variables rather than employing random generation 
  • Researching and developing algorithms and data structures that contribute to flexible, maintainable, extensible, and effective transformative AI 
  • Writing and maintaining scalable, performant code built to multiple platforms 
  • Programming for Unity in C# in Visual Studio 
  • Cultivating our team’s group flow and magnifying opportunities and resolving tensions using a tend-and-befriend approach and conscious leadership tools, addressing opportunities and tensions directly with relevant stakeholders in open communication and expansive team rituals 
  • Co-creating team rituals for presence and transformation  
  • Exploring your consciousness to inform your work 
  • Exploring our group flow to inform your work 
  • Optimizing your systems for transformational impact to our team and audience’s transformations, increasing awareness, resilience, compassion, and co-creative ability rather than optimizing for compulsive use
  • Supporting the evolution of a variety of systems and tools, building new features, and taking us further into the possibilities of transformative AI 


  • A love for creative dreams of possible futures 
  • A love for humanistic technology and its creation and integration into our lives 
  • Experience architecting AI systems with concepts such as FSMs, search, rule-based systems, and ML 
  • Comprehensive experience and knowledge of relevant algorithms and data structures  
  • Dedication to high code quality, automated testing, and other best practices 
  • Demonstrable experience optimizing and evolving large codebases, preferably in C++ or C# 
  • A degree in computer science or computer engineering or equivalent independent study and/or work experience 


  • We're building a new kind of tech company
  • We're building category-creating technology
  • Our internal culture of conscious self-leadership and transformational peer mentorship and our AI model are interwoven into one unified framework for emergent content generation which we co-create together
  • We support all current and future team members with peer mentoring and ongoing developmental opportunities
  • Our team works with subject matter experts including our CEO, emotionally conscious AI expert Brie Code, and our AI advisor, humanistic AI thought leader and co-creator of Siri Tom Gruber
  • You can become a subject matter expert in an exciting new field
  • You can receive expert training for speaking and community engagement opportunities
  • We offer stock options to all team members
  • We offer extended medical insurance and in-house wellness rituals
  • We’ll continue with flexible working arrangements once we return to our office 
  • We offer relocation support to applicants who qualify

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

We make rituals

Our rituals are not apps nor games but a revolutionary new category of human-computer interaction built by and for love.

To imagine caring technology that intrinsically cultivates compassion and creativity in ourselves and each other, we've imagined an organization and an ecosystem that follow the same principles. 

Our team looks through lenses of social neuroscience, adult developmental psychology, depth psychology, game design, AI, ancient wisdoms and other areas of expertise across cultures and philosophies from the perspectives our own lived experiences as marginalized people. As we co-create, test and iterate we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis to expand our experiences and hone our intuitions. 

Our resulting model is a beautiful alternative to the gamification model and has deep implications. 


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